We started off as strangers
Then soon became friends
But since then, there is this feeling i have
building fast within me
Am afraid you wont understand
What i really mean when i say it

I catch myself thinking of the best way to share
Hoping you will return my confession showing you care
Then i catch myself again..and drag my thoughts back to reality

I tend to feel shy to say it to you
But i can’t hold it anymore
I just had to get bold enough
And tell you what is in my heart

When you call my name, i begin to blush
When i get your text, i can’t read it enough
I sleep at night, and the dreams of you occur
The dreams of you are so vivid and awesome

You are the one i am lit for
I think about you more than you can you can believe
I love you more than you can conceive

Your hot sexy body
Your eyes lit with a passionate fire
All set my poor heart a flame
I get all sorts of imaginations
That keep me in a wonderful dream

So please, kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth
And say with a fervor born of the south
That your body and soul are mine
And we will live together, in the joys of a living love


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